What is an Avatar?

An Avatar is a being who is an exemplar or living manifestation of a particular force unto the world. There have been many Avatars throughout existence. Some say the ancient Dragon Kings were all Avatars. The Red Emperor of Ferrah has an entire contingent of powerful Avatars at his beck and call, living manifestations of darkness and oblivion. In most cases, Avatars were symbols and representations of the good that was possible in the world, but most commoners know that when an Avatar appears, ruin follows. Avatars battle gods, Avatars war with each other, and Avatars can be just as cruel as they are benevolent.

Avatars of Pre-History

The Dragon Kings had many names in the past, but they were universally powers unto themselves. All of them universally had the ability to leech life from plants, animals, and the very soil itself to empower their dread defiling magics.

Zog is often referred to as the last of the Avatars of Pre-History. He has been known as the Avatar of Armageddon, since he mastered the spell and cleansed the world.

Avatars of the Age of Darkness

Mondain is not often referred to as an Avatar, but it would not be a stretch to think of him as such. He would have been called the Avatar of Immortality, due to his research into necromancy and life-extension.

The Avatar of Luck was the original starwalker who defeated Mondain. It was said that he had the uncanny ability to appear in the right place at the right time, had a weapon that resembled a crossbow without the bow portion that fired beams of energy, and had a kilrathi sidekick.

Minax was a master of temporal energy and manipulation, as well as probability. She would have been called the Avatar of Space for these talents.

The Avatar of Realms was the original master of dimensional portals who rivalled Minax and inevitably became her undoing. It was said she was capable of ‘blinking’ from one place to another as readily as other breathe.

Exodus would have simply been called the Avatar of Subjugation, as he subjugated more beings and monsters than Mondain and Minax combined.

The Avatar of Calculation was said to be a mere accountant and money counter who rose to prominence as one who understood the machines that Mondain and Minax utilized, using this knowledge against Exodus ultimately.

Avatars of the Age of Virtue

The Avatar of Virtue is the one who gave their name to this age. It is unknown if they were a man or a woman. It is said there may have been many who bore this title throughout this era, though this is not definite. Regardless, the last Avatar of Virtue mastered divine and arcane magics alike to stop the two moons Trammel and Felucca from raining death upon Alucinor. Sometimes called the Avatar of Sacrifice, as their sacrifice saved the world.

The Four and Forty are the collective Avatars of Deruvia, Gurtex, and The Solian Lands who banded together to seal Dread and Zakhad into the Magic Candles yet doom themselves to horrible deaths in doing so. It is said virtually all of them were rangers and masters of the wilds of one sort or another, belonging to a particular order that elevated its members.

Avatars of the Age of Cataclysm

The Four Elemental Titans seem like gods to us, but they are examples of transcendant Avatars that have gone beyond the flesh. They dominate and rule Morgaelin to this day.

Lobar is the Avatar of Blades, the personal bodyguard of King Rutbar of Atarka, living semi-permanently in Killorn Keep which floats above the vast deserts of that land. A drunk by nature, he is still the best swordsman in the entire world.

Shelly was the name of the Avatar of Prophecy. She lived to the age of twelve before dying horribly during a terrifying vision that made her bleed from all of her orifices.

The Shadowlords are definitely considered Avatars by those who know the mythology of such. Astaroth would be the Avatar of Hatred, Faulinei the Avatar of Falsehood, and Nosfentor would be the Avatar of Cowardice. Astaroth causes rage in the cities that he arrives in. Faulinei causes mistrust and dishonesty in his wake. Nosfentor causes even brave men to cower in fear.

Blackthorne is theorized to be an Avatar. An Avatar of what, none can say.

The Red Emperor and His Avatars

The Red Emperor is an unknown. He is one of the most powerful beings that has ever walked on the face of Alucinor. Some call him the Avatar of Empire. He is known for having a slate red mask on at all times.

The Avatar of Dominion conquered Ferrah over the course of fifty years, back when it was referred to as Terratus. He went on to conquer many other lands, Rhiannon being prime among them. Assassinated by agents of the Red Emperor. Some theories abound that the Avatar of Dominion was simply a proxy agent in place by the Red Emperor.

Tunon the Adjudicator is the Avatar of Justice, causing men and women alike to bow to the words of law and of the Red Emperor. It is unknown how many people he has sentenced to death. His personal servants are referred to as Fatebinders – individuals who bind the fate of others by their decrees.

The Voices of Nerat is the Avatar of Secrets, a man capable of ‘eating’ the souls of others permanently. He leads the Scarlet Chorus, a ragtag army of chaotic dog-eat-dog terrorists, barbarians, and monsters all seeking to outdo one another in the ultimate battle for supremacy. He is known for his inhuman appearance and mocking words.

Graven Ashe is the Avatar of War, a man capable of taking on the pains and injuries of the men in his service. His armies, the Disfavored, are men who broke their word to their old homeland in exchange for service to the Red Emperor. It is known that Graven Ashe is a very fair man, but his battle tactics are so frightening to behold in their efficiency.

Bleden Mark is the Avatar of Shadows, a man capable of teleporting from shadow to shadow. Wearing white facepaint and extremely self-confident, he is the personal assassin and executioner of Tunon and the Red Emperor.

Mors Gotha is the Avatar of Murder, a thug of a woman that eventually grew into being able to kill those who she opposed with any weapon she could find. Absolutely lethal in battle, she has a personal hatred for Bleden Mark being the personal assassin of the Red Emperor.

Sirin is the Avatar of Song, a young impetuous woman who is capable of bending the wills of others merely with the sound of her voice. She also is capable of shouting loud enough to make flesh be rent from muscle. She currently wears a helmet that limits her powers, as her powers are too grand for the Red Emperor to permit to exist unchecked.

Pox is the Avatar of Ruin who supposedly created the Blight in The Solian Lands. She holds mastery over illness, infection, and disease. She was instrumental in securing most of Ferrah and she is the one dispatched to bring other Avatars to heel.

Orphan Midwife is the Avatar of Rebirth, imprisoned for over a century. She brings life to the wastes. It is said she is one of the most powerful druids the world has ever seen, plants sprouting where she walked and plants growing vigorous. She inspired animal rages and animal heats as well. She was imprisoned for teaching her magics illegally to others.

Thousand Embers is the Avatar of Fire who founded the School of Wild Wrath, a wizardly college specializing in powerful fire evocation. He was one of the few Avatars of Ferrah who genuinely desired to help others, being a bit of a vigilante in his day. He studied the Inner Fire, the human drive to eat, reproduce and destroy. It is said he split into a thousand embers and is waiting to reconstitute one day to aid the world again.

Cairn is the Avatar of Stone, master of earth and soil, destroyer of mountains and cities. He is a giant who is the master of manipulating the ground beneath him. He rebelled against the Red Emperor and paid the ultimate price, alive and making the earth quake beneath his still-breathing body where it rests beneath a mountain.

Occulted Jade is the Avatar of Tides, the living embodiment of water magic and cyclical magic. She is the one who manipulates moon magic somehow despite the moon being shattered, dark gravelight energy combined with the crushing powers of the sea being at her behest. She vanished across the seas never to be seen again. It is unknown where Occulted Jade is today.

Nox Mirea is the Avatar of Pestilence. When she opened her eyes to see, and her mouth to speak, it is said that flies would gust into the air, swarming so thick as to blacken the sky. Many said she died in her twentieth year following a string of unusual and grotesque symptoms, but many others say she lives on as an undead malformation that breaks all the known rules of undead existence.

Rin is the Avatar of Lightning. He struggles to control the power roiling within him. If a single slip of concentration occurs, he could instantly electrocute all he touches. He currently is in a jail made purely of hardened wood hovering above a volcano due to his constantly outbursts.

Blood Ruin was the Avatar of War before Graven Ashe. He was defeated by Graven Ashe during Blood Ruin’s campaign to conquer his lands and it took multiple Avatars to take Graven Ashe down. Disgraced, Blood Ruin had to give up the title of Avatar of War, and now languishes in a dungeon cell until the Red Emperor knows what to do with him.

Ranna, Nirabel, and Slayr are the Avatars of Frost. They were so cold at birth, everyone thought them stillborn. The triplets possessing powers that went far beyond the first Avatar of Frost. They currently are being challenged for the title by the newly crowned queen of a faraway land in Arcfell, something that makes them give a daily petition to the Red Emperor to invade that continent

Moramus of the Mire is the Avatar of Fungus. He is said to have produced most of the flora in the swampland of Nettlebog, a vast teeming lush swamp that has intelligent fungi as one of the various beings there. He was a stooped, lonely hermit who never once left his swamp, keeping it secure for the Red Emperor.

Dolorous Xhaos is the Avatar of Entropy. His very presence causes things to slowly break down and become useless. His very touch warps wood and rusts metal. He keeps rust monsters as pets.

Khoros Fleshstitch is the Avatar of Misery. He taught the Voices of Nerat all he knows about the art of torture and interrogation. It is said that a great feeling of dread follows him wherever he goes.

Muted Darke is the Avatar of Sorrow. She leeches happiness and morale from enemy armies to soften them up for other Avatars to attack.

Empty Gash is the Avatar of Wounds. Her horrible name was given to her as a result of being a barren woman, but she found a talent in mastering arcane magics for the purpose of succor. She still has not been able to undo her barren status, but she is confident she will find a way.


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