Note: Most of this history is regarding Sosaria. Additional details regarding other continents will be added in due course.

(Unknown Time Period)

► Dragon Kings ravage the entire planet at least 5000 years ago. Draconians first created. Planet covered in horrid desert for a long time from the defiling magic unleashed by the Dragon Kings.
► The wisps teach the Armageddon spell to a human named Zog. Zog casts Armageddon. Dragon Kings all slain horribly. Much of sentient life ceases to exist for a time, but it returns to dominate the world again a thousand years later as the planet heals itself and survivors emerge.
► Cult of Truth founded.
► Island of Ambrosia battered to pieces by “rocks from the sky” and is thought destroyed.
► Humans drive the cyclops race underground and exterminate almost all giants.

Age of Darkness
(Triad of Evil)

► The future king of Akalabeth, Wolfgang, is born.
► Wolfgang’s first son, Maximillian, is born.
► Wolfgang’s second son, Mondain, is born.
► The youth known as Rikard Brutan arrives upon Alucinor through a blue lunar rift and meets Shamino.
► At the age of fifteen, Mondain kills his father, claims his ruby gem of immortality, and places his brother Maximillian on the throne of Akalabeth.
► Mondain begins vile experiments among his own followers, forming hybrid creatures. Minotaurs begin to appear, as well as orcs and other monsters. These monsters are used to conquer Sosaria as a whole, as well as Serpent’s Isle, the Tokuno Isles, and more continents.
► Brutan drives Mondain from Akalabeth and seizes the throne. Sosaria still ruled as a whole by Maximillian.
► Heroes begin to appear in the service of Lord Brutan I of Akalabeth and begin to fight monsters in his service.
► Sea monsters appear. The frigate Pembroke is sunk in plain sight of one.
► Shamino becomes ruler of his own kingdom in the Lands of Danger and Despair, which would one day come to be known as the Serpent Isle.
► Minax is born. When she turns eleven, she becomes apprenticed to Mondain. Five years pass, and she becomes his consort as well.
► Mondain, with the aid of his apprentice Minax, makes deals with “starwalkers” from the heavens. These “Kill Wrathy” prove to be incredible allies in pacifying lands besides Akalabeth.
► Exodus conceived.
► Mondain uses the ruby gem, unlocking a great evil spirit inside of it that grants him immortality.
► An Avatar of dubious background and potential starwalking behavior himself appears upon Alucinor, some say the Avatar of Luck, going through many trials and tribulations upon Akalabeth, Serpent Isle, the Tokuno Isles, and Ashtaralea to shatter Mondain’s Gem of Immortality and sever his connection to the starwalkers. Spaceships crashland upon the world, rending space and time, shifting many of the continents in the process.
► Lunar Rifts appear all over the world.
► Ten years after Mondain’s death, Minax avenges her lover by opening even more of these lunar rifts to parallel dimensions in a manner called the ‘Labyrinth of Worlds’ and summons great fiends, celestials, elementals, fey, and aberrations to enslave the masses once more from the timeless fortress Shadowguard in the Realm of Legends.
► The Avatar of Realms appears and pierces the means by which Minax utilizes the lunar rifts to traverse parallel realities and realms. This Avatar takes a crashed starwalker vessel and travels to a faraway planet to learn the secrets necessary to pierce Minax’s castle. After many teleportations, Minax is slain at their hands.
► Life returns to normal and many lunar rifts close, stranding many a monster. However, manuscript fragments are found in the wreckage of Shadowguard that appeared upon Alucinor, suggesting that Minax and Mondain gave birth to some form of progeny.
► Twenty years after the Avatar of Realms appeared, the Isle of Fire rises from the sea as molten lava and claims the crews of all ships that pass by. One ship drifts into dock at Castle Brutan with only one hint written in blood on the ship’s deck: EXODUS.
► Exodus summons the Great Earth Serpent from the Ethereal Void, beginning the cracking of the Imbalance and the Imbalance War upon Serpent Isle.
► The Avatar of Calculation appears and forms a rag-tag band of adventurers from all over the world to penetrate the heart of the Isle of Fire. In the process, they travel to the lost island of Ambrosia and visit the unique shrines there. Deep in a dungeon, they discover the being known as the Time Lord that predicted the rise of Exodus, and tells the Avatar of Calculation how to slay the monster.
► Exodus slain. Most of the Isle of Fire sinks into the ocean, along with the Avatar of Calculation.
► Remaining forces of evil defeated in a vast battle on the Bloody Plains. Other continents suffer as well. Millions of soldiers die in this final, brutal push.

Age of Virtue

► The city-states of Sosaria band together and form the actual Kingdom of Sosaria. They hold an election, electing King Brutan VII as leader.
► King Brutan VII forms the Great Council.
► The system of the Eight Virtues is established.
► Multiple people protest King Brutan’s religious system of virtues and leave for the Serpent Isle and other lands.
► King Brutan commissions three Shrines of the Principles to be built on the Isle of Fire.
► Gargoyles in Ter Mur summon the spirits of Mondain, Minax, and Exodus for their own Shrines of Principles, causing the Isle of Fire to sink beneath the waves.
► Multiple other realms establish their own virtue systems. This has the effect of causing a lot of migrants to wind up in other lands.
► Great Stygian Abyss uncovered by a commoner from a realm known as Earth. Commoner visits the Gargoyles and steals their Codex of Ultimate Wisdom, causing much of Ter Mur to collapse and the Underworld to be formed in that collapse. Commoner returns to King Brutan VII and is declared the Avatar of Virtue.
► Multiple dungeons are sealed after the Avatar of Virtue ascends.
► Gargoyles boil up from the few unsealed holes in the ground and seize the Avatar of Virtue, demanding his blood. In the process of doing so, a great evil that was rising in the land is unleashed in Deruvia, forcing a number of intrepid adventurers to seal the demon Dreax into a magical candle. This juxtaposition of events leads to dire earthquakes and the sacrifice of many Avatars throughout the world.
► Four and Forty, the Avatars that sealed Dreax, lose all of their lives fighting demonic hordes in Gurtex.
► Gargoyles declare the Avatar of Virtue the False Prophet, the one prophesized to kill the entire gargoyle race. Avatar of Virtue saves Ter Mur from collapse in trying to prove himself, but the gargoyles insist only with the False Prophet’s sacrifice will their race survive.
► Demons overrunning Gurtex held back only by the fashioning of a new magic candle to seal the demonic leader Zakhad away forever.
► Imbalance causes the two moons in the sky above to aim at a collision course towards each other, precipitated by the dark magics of Zakhad and other co-conspirator magi and fiends around the world. Avatar of Virtue teleports himself and the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom to the Ethereal Void to deduce how to stop the moons.
► Armageddon spell used to stop the collision, the force of the anti-life spell slaying the Avatar of Virtue, leaving the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom in the void, and the moons frozen in that moment of impact, melded together.
► Moon shard impact places all over the world, leaving new lunar rifts to appear.

Age of Armaggedon
Calendar Begins Here

0-200 AC
► Two hundred years of peace throughout the world. Minor wars occur, but relative peace is the norm now. Many civilizations were upended in the tumult, but now kingdoms have stabilized.
200-225 AC
► Instability in multiple continents lead to insane brush wars and plagues. The Blight appears in the Solian Lands and spreads rapidly around the world before it is finally purified and drawn back. The source was the Avatar of Plague, one of the first ever evil Avatars discovered.
225-275 AC
► More evil Avatars appear, each one worse than the last, until the Avatar of Dominion appears on a continent known as Terratus. The Avatar of Dominion conquers the entire continent in fifty years. Most of the world adopts a policy of nonintervention into the politics of other continents, forgetting the lessons of past centuries when the Avatar of Virtue gave their life to save everyone.
233 AC
► Morgaelin summons the Four Elemental Titans to defend their people against the armies of Terratus. In response, the sky is plunged into eternal night and the Four Elemental Titans ravage the land until the native spellslingers stop them and eke out a meager existence ever since.
289-297 AC
► Rhiannon scoffs at the military might of the Avatar of Dominion and is promptly conquered and utterly destroyed, turned into a breadbasket continent slave state for Terratus. King Praecor Loth is assassinated and entombed with his queen and his loyal retainers as part of an agreement with the rebel faction that aided Terratus’ invasion. The Avatar of Tremors rules Rhiannon with an iron fist.
384 AC
► Codex of Ultimate Wisdom disappears from the heavens. Where it goes, astronomers have no idea.
► Anyone who listened to the Time Lord or sought his power suddenly cannot draw upon it any longer.
385 AC
► The Scintillus Academy, the finest of magical academies in the known world, lain in ruin and all communication ceases with it. No one knows what happened.
► Avatar of Dominion assassinated by unknown means. Terratus armies are now led by a new challenger, but by who? This Red Emperor is not known to anyone.
► Terratus renamed Ferrah. Red Emperor names multiple lieutenants and begins diplomatic talks with the world.
386 AC
► Dragon King awakens from slumber and drains much of the native life from Atarka. The untimely intervention of the Avatar of Blades ends his life. King Rutbar, ruler of Atarka, names the Avatar of Blades his personal bodyguard.
387 AC
► Captain Johne goes missing in a whirlpool. He and his three companions are never seen again.
395 AC
► Lunar Rift opens to the Realm of Shadow in the land of Qin and shadow-tainted monsters rage out of it. They make impact with a great wall erected to keep them out and keep them deep in the south where they belong. The Shogunate of the Tokuno Isles pledge their support.
397 AC
► Goblins break the peace in Tarna and begin raping and pillaging. They dominate most of the continent in short order.
398 AC
► Most of the rings of power vanish from Ashtalarea simultaneously.
399 AC
► Multiple earthquakes collapse previously very stable mines in Tarq, leaving entire dwarven civilizations isolated.
► Anodunia freezes solid overnight.
► Magical storms begin in Serpent Isle and start to spread throughout the world.
400 AC
► A female child, perhaps twelve or thirteen, appears in Lord Shalineth’s court. She proceeds to levitate and spout a prophesy of an unknown hero or heroes, entering a great place of darkness, using three magical artifacts. Near the end of her prophecy she loses control of the vision and suffers a brain hemorrhage, bleeding from every orifice of her head and dying.
► King Brutan XXIV ventures into the Underworld as part of an epic adventure, bringing with him a vast retinue. He leaves Lord Blackthorn in charge in his absence.
401 AC
► Tarna completely dominated by goblins. Hon-goblins now are slave races.
► Priests and warlocks devoted to the Time Lord abruptly regain their powers.
403 AC
► King Brutan XXIV still having not returned, martial law is declared by now-King Blackthorn I. Multiple city-states rebel in response and Sosaria is no longer unified.
406 AC
► Multiple nations receive a call for help from King Brutan, even though he is in the Underworld still.
407 AC
► A great gathering of ships from multiple continents seeking the liberation of Sosaria occurs. Some come with intent of conquering, others with intent of salvation. Ashtalarea, Atarka, Deruvia, Gurtex, Qin, Solian Lands, Tarq, Tokuno Isles, and Wrenn all send ships, with Ashtalarea and Wrenn sending the most, while Deruvia and Qin still send a respectable fleet.
► Teleport storms ravage the fleet coming in. Rumors of other fleets waylaying the savior fleets abound. Only one percent of the ships make landfall, and they make landfall all over the continent of Sosaria. Some ships end up in the Underworld, whisked through a whirlpool.

Present Day

24 Astron of 16th Year That Griffin Goeth
► Adventurers Aurelia, Sabina, and Shautha meet upon the shores of Hidden Vale, north of Kingsport. Varye joins with them.
25 Astron of 16th Year That Griffin Goeth
► Aurelia, Sabina, Shautha, and Varye spend the night in Kingsport.
26 Astron of 16th Year That Griffin Goeth
► Nomed and Weronika joined the party.
► Aurelia, Shautha, Varye, and Weronika attacked Bandit’s camp.
27 Astron of 16th Year That Griffin Goeth
► Claiming The Masked Chalice. Massive fight between Bandit sympathizers and the team.
► Heiress of Regalis discovered, Princess Frances Brutan.
► Agreement struck to speak to the mayor at once.
28 Astron of 16th Year That Griffin Goeth
► Meeting the Mayor. Resulted in the Mayor’s home exploding into flames and the deaths of dozens of cultists.
29 Astron of 16th Year That Griffin Goeth
► Down the Rabbit Hole.
► Cultists found dead en masse.
► Bandits found dead en masse.
► Pirate culprits killed en masse.
► Nosfentor encountered. Lord Brutan is discovered to be imprisoned, possibly dead, in the Underworld.
► Princess and team agree to go to Braemor next, to find out with the orcs know or can give to them.
30 Astron of 16th Year That Griffin Goeth
► Braemor journey begins!
► Varye hospitalized – requires chirurgery to remove the worms inside her.
► At the end of the day, the automaton known as Claire is found. She is freed from her rust but only after battle with a dire boar that nearly kills everyone.
► Time Lord discovered.
1 Thrimidge of 16th Year That Griffin Goeth
► What was beneath that trap door?
► Onward to the Westrot Tower?


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