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Welcome to Alucinor!

This is a setting and campaign inspired by the works of the Ultima series, particularly the name of the cancelled Ultima X: Odyssey. Alucinor was the name of the world that Ultima X was going to take place in. Thus, since this is a spiritual inheritor to the essence of the series, it seemed to be an appropriate name for the game world!

What is it about?

It’s about virtue, first and foremost. The Ultima series owed itself to a long history of virtuous behavior, not long after defeating the three prime evils during the Age of Darkness. Some of that will be preserved in the timeline here, some of it won’t! The world of Alucinor is vast and grand, encompassing some ideas from multiple different settings in the process.

The concept of the ‘Avatar’ is a vast and huge concept here. There are Avatars of every ideal imaginable, but only of these ideals. In other lands, they might be called Archons. They might be called Ascendants. Whatever the case, they used to walk the land at one point. These days, such heroes don’t exist at all.

Where Are We?

The world of Alucinor has multiple continents. The bulk of the action will take place upon the continent of Sosaria. One of its major islands is known as Hidden Vale, where our adventurers have begun and is a common stop-off point for travelers from other continents traveling to Sosaria. Given the vastness of the world, it is possible for there to be many more continents in play. It could be compared to Krynn for size and potential for multiple locations, or even Athas.

Other potential continents that may be visited, either in this campaign or in the future are listed in the wiki.

Note: As this wiki is being updated, there are occasional references to Novia, which is another name for Sosaria. There are also references to Regalis, which is another name for Akalabeth.

What’s the System?

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition is being used to power the game. A lot of little random changes have been made to races and tweaking has been done, but almost no changes have been added to the classes.

Valid races will be listed in the wiki, along with a bestiary.

What’s Done So Far?

Just finished languages. Humanoid bestiary, playable races, continent generalizations, and history are all up. A custom calendar for the setting is also up as well, with a leap year every 27 years.

What’s Left?

Rest of the bestiary is the biggest hurdle. Continental details are to come as well, starting with Sosaria/Hidden Vale.

Religion is something I’ve completely ignored in favor of permitting creativity, but that will change in time.

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