Alucinor Calendar

The world is unique in that it is not Earth, therefore time marches on slightly different. It is not uncommon for years to vary as they do on Earth, but astronomers have accurately calculated years accordingly.
The current calendar restarted the year after the moons crashed together, making 1 AC the Year That Ratatosk Goeth.
They have the same notions of hours, minutes, and seconds. One solar day is approximately 24 hours, as one might expect. The variation isn’t that extreme, even though the planet seems to be a little bigger.
Earth has a year that is 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, 46 seconds long. This adds up to about 365.25 days.
Alucinor has a year that is 368 days, 0 hours, 53 minutes, 20 seconds long. Thus, every 27 years, there is a leap year. This day is known as Dragon’s Summons and is always marked with massive festivals. It is usually added onto the Winter Equinox at the start of the new year.
Each of the twelve month has 30 days. 3 extra days are reserved for each Equinox and 1 extra day for each Solstice, leaving 8 days not in the months.

Abbreviated Nomenclature

Given that some days do not fall on months, this rule of thumb is used.
Day/Month/Year is typical nomenclature. In the event that something is not within a month, letters are used in place.
Planting Cometh in 15th Year That Catoblepas Cometh would be PC/401, while 13 Thrimidge in 14th Year that Catoblepas Cometh would be 13/5/374.


Since Christian means of doings things never took hold, typically each month simply numbers its days. Some more natural types give each day a name, but ‘15 Afteryule’ is perfectly acceptable.
Leap year day Dragon’s Summons always is the first day of the Year That Dragon Cometh.
Planting Equinox is referred to as Planting Cometh, Planting Rast, Planting Goeth.
High Solstice is sometimes known as High Peak.
Harvest Equinox is referred to as Harvest Cometh, Harvest Rast, Harvest Goeth.
Low Solstice is sometimes known as Low Peak.


Dragon’s Summons is the first day of a Dragon Cometh Year.
Afteryule is the first month of 30 days.
Solmath is the second month of 30 days.
Rethe is the third month of 30 days.
Planting Equinox follows for 3 days.
Astron is the fourth month of 30 days.
Thrimidge is the fifth month of 30 days.
Forelithe is the sixth month of 30 days.
High Solstice follows for 1 day.
Afterlithe is the seventh month of 30 days.
Wedmath is the eighth month of 30 days.
Halimath is the ninth month of 30 days.
Harvest Equinox follows for 3 days.
Winterfilth is the tenth month of 30 days.
Blothmath is the eleventh month of 30 days.
Foreyule is the twelfth month of 30 days.
Low Solstice follows for 1 day, ending the year.


There is a 27-year cycle.
Goeth is the first nine-year cycle.
Rast is the second nine-year cycle.
Cometh is the third nine-year cycle.
The nine years of Goeth, Rast, and Cometh cycle through starting with Ratatosk, Griffin, Unicorn, Manticore, Catoblepas, Kraken, Sphinx, Qirin, and ending with Dragon.
People often remember their birth year as it has mythological or superstitious qualities to it for many.


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