Languages on Alucinor

Your race choice indicates the languages your character can speak by default, and your background might give you access to one or more additional languages of your choice.

Choose your languages from the Standard Languages table listed below. DM’s permission is required to learn a language from the Exotic or Secret Languages tables. Some exotic languages are just that – exotic. However, some are remarkably difficult to pronounce as they rely on inhuman mouths and subtle body language.

These languages are gross generalizations and should not be taken as the gospel when it comes to an in-depth analysis of language. For example, halflings do tend to have their own patois in hin, but almost nobody outside of halflings actually speaks it. Thus, it is reasonable to assume that different groups of halflings speak it a little differently.

Standard Languages

Common, also known as Trade Common, is spoken by virtually every race, and originated from trade between Ashtalarea, Deruvia, Sosaria, and Wrenn.
Dwarvish is spoken by dwarves and in Tarq.
Elvish is spoken by elves.
Giant is spoken by giants, firbolgs, goliaths, and minotaurs.
Gnomish is spoken by gnomes.
Goblin is spoken by bugbears, goblins, hobgoblins, and in Tarna.
Hin is spoken by halflings.
Orcish is spoken by orcs.

Regional Languages

Anond is spoken in Anodunia. Few living speakers.
Ashtarr is spoken in Ashtalarea.
Deruvian is spoken in Deruvia, Gurtex, and the Solian Lands.
Iron Tongue is spoken in Ferrah.
Qin is spoken in Qin.
Sem is spoken in Atarka and Balema.
Sosarian is spoken in Hidden Vale, Sosaria, and Serpent Isle.
Tokuno is spoken in the Tokuno Isles.
Undercommon is spoken in Ter Mur and the Underworld.
Vincian is spoken in Wrenn.
Zealan is spoken in Morgaelin exclusively.

Exotic Languages

Draconic is spoken by draconians, dragons, and wizards.
Farspeak is spoken by beings from the Far Realms.
Gargish is spoken exclusively by gargoyles and in the continent of Ter Mur.
Hero’s Tongue is spoken exclusively by Kilrathi and Tabaxi.
Highspeak is spoken by celestials, beings from the High Realms, and nephilim.
Lowspeak is spoken by fiends, beings from the Low Realms, and some gargoyle scholars.
Ophidian is spoken by believers in the Great Earth Serpent, naga, wildmen, and other snake-beings.
Primordial is spoken by beings from the Elemental Realms, harpies, jinn’assai, nixies, and scholars from Atarka and Balema.
Sylvan is spoken by beings from the Faerie Realms, daedalans, emps, firbolgs, and in Rhiannon.
Thepani is spoken exclusively by Gremlins and Lizardfolk.

Secret Languages

Thieves’ Cant

What Does Each Race Naturally Speak?

Catmen speak Common and Hero’s Tongue.
Daedalans speak Common and Sylvan.
Deep Folk speak Common and Gnomish.
► Svirfneblin additionally speak Undercommon.
Dopplegangers speak Common and two additional languages.
Draconians speak Common and Draconic.
Emps speak Common and Sylvan.
Fair Folk speak Common and Elvish.
► Drow additionally speak Undercommon.
Firbolgs speak Common, Giant, and Sylvan.
Gargoyles speak Common, Gargish, and Undercommon.
Goblins speak Common and Goblin.
Goliaths speak Common and Giant.
Gremlins speak Common, Thepani, and Undercommon.
Half-Elves speak Common, Elvish, and one additional language.
Half-Orcs speak Common and Orcish.
Harpies speak Common and Primordial.
Jinn’assai speak Common and Primordial.
Lizardfolk speak Common and Thepani.
Minotaurs speak Common and Giant.
Mountain Folk speak Common and Dwarvish.
► Duergar additionally speak Undercommon.
Naga speak Common and Ophidian.
Nephilim speak Common and Highspeech.
Nezumi speak Common and Tokuno.
Nixies speak Common and Primordial.
Plains Folk speak Common and one additional language.
Revenants speak whatever languages they spoke in life.
River Folk speak Common and Hin.
Warforged speak Common.
Wildmen speak Common and Ophidian.

What Does Each Continent Naturally Speak?

Anodunians speak Anond.
Ashtalarea speak Ashtarr.
Atarkans speak Sem.
Balemans speak Sem.
Deruvians speak Deruvian.
Ferrahns speak the Iron Tongue.
Gurtexans speak Deruvian.
Morgaelin speak Zealan.
Qin speak Qin.
Rhiannonians speak Sylvan.
Serpent Islanders speak Sosarian.
Solians speak Deruvian.
Sosarians speak Sosarian.
Tarnans speak Goblin.
Tarqs speak Dwarvish.
Ter Murans speak Gargish.
Tokuno Islanders speak Tokuno.
Wrennans speak Vincian.


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