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The following Wiki will feature details as they pertain to Alucinor. Long-time fans of D&D and Ultima will notice that most of the monsters in the bestiary correspond to Ultima filtered through D&D tropes and stat blocks. Every effort is being made to preserve the ‘Ultima’ style of monsters, however, so many of the common races that people have known about throughout the Ultima series get facelifts into becoming their own interesting parts of the world itself.

Lands of Alucinor

The Continents of the world are many and vast. Cultural differences abound in manners that may be different from the run of the mill differences many perceive in other settings. The entire world has not been mapped for many hundreds of years as multiple places have gone through extreme regime changes in the past 400 years.

The world is quite large, but not every land listed is significantly large unto itself. Deruvia and Sosaria are notably rather expansive.

A Brief History of Alucinor

This History hits all the highlights in a general sense of the entire world.


A brief description of what an Avatar is and who have been avatars throughout history.

Calendar of Alucinor

The weird and wacky Calendar is here!

The Fellowship

The cult known as the Fellowship, which was given personal approval by King Brutan, has spread throughout Sosaria and even into other continents. They have a manifesto of sorts.

Characters of Alucinor

Humanoids provides an overview of all the playable races, described in very brief.
Languages deserves its own page. Breaks down what races get what languages and where languages are spoken.
Races provides information on where to go to find stats for all of the playable races.
Classes provides information on all the class builds available.
Equipment provides information on all the equipment you could possibly purchase.
Customization provides feat information.

Bestiary of Alucinor

There are a lot of creatures on the face of the world. Some simple, some monstrous, some otherwise.

Humanoids abound upon this world. Nearly every D&D creation has an analogue here, but many Ultima conceits are here as well. If something is placed in the humanoid category in the bestiary, it’s because it happens to be a playable race of some kind. Some are a little different than what you’d expect from D&D, while others are exactly what you’d expect.

Beasts of incredible sizes and shapes are the norm. Giant varieties of everyday critters exist on every single continent, some even broken in to become beasts of burden. Common beasts are listed here as well, for the sake of completeness.

Draconids are the massive catch-all category of dragons and dragon-like creatures. True dragons, as some call them, are referred to as the drachen. There are no metallic or chromatic disparities on Alucinor, instead mere families based around the form of element individual types might utilize as their breath weapon. Some species have feathers while others might even give live birth.

Giants are exceedingly rare, but they do exist. The ‘small cousins’ to giants in the form of firbolgs and goliaths are listed in the humanoid section.

Monstrosities have been defined as being unnatural monsters that are not a natural part of the ecosystem and have no readily understandable society that follows the common traits for what makes a civilization. This is a very broad category and includes mostly creatures created by the Dragon Kings long ago, the Triad of Evil more recently, and the Moon Collision 400 years ago. Other experiments have come to light, especially in the form of bizarre experimentation.

Myconids are ambulatory or advanced forms of fungi. There aren’t many varieties, but they bear special mention and their own category for taxonomy.

Oozes are icky denizens of protoplasmic simple life. Some are one big cell, others are multicellular and still as dangerous. Neither animal nor plant nor fungus, oozes are extremely single-minded in the task of consumption so they might split into more oozes.

Plants are ambulatory or advanced forms of plant life. There are some very dangerous vegetables on the face of Alucinor.

Beastiary of Beyond

Some monstrosities exist wholly outside of the laws of nature, even the laws of our plane of reality itself.

Aberrations are monstrously unfathomable, possess absolutely bizarre anatomy, and are otherworldly in origin. These aliens are extremely dangerous. Many exist in the Underworld, but some crashland or step through Lunar Rifts. In terms of ordinance of location, they are designated to have come from the Far Realms.

Celestials are holy beings infused with radiant energies. They come from the High Realms and tend towards good and virtue, but this is not always the case.

Constructs are being created to totally live outside of nature. They consume nothing and leave nothing behind. Warforged are a noted form of living construct that is classified under humanoids, but they are an example of an advanced and common construct.

Elementals are energetic beings infused with potent energies from the realms they originate in. Some are forged entirely out of one of those energies. They come from the Elemental Realms and have no predisposed tendencies, save what their element governs.

Fey are mysterious beings that are intimately connected very closely to the goings-on of Alucinor. It is said that elves once were fey. They come from the Faerie Realms and tend towards chaos on a personal level, but tend to obey unyielding lawful rules.

Fiends are dark beings infused with base energies. They come from the Low Realms and tend towards evil and anti-virtue, but this is not always the case.

Undead are the living returned back to a semblance of life after death. Infused with necrotic energies, they shamble about their days according to their master’s will or according to the components leading to their death. There are a lot of self-aware self-made undead upon Alucinor, thus ghosts and revenants are not so uncommon.

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